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Brock Clermont - New Partnership

Brock Clermont and Alexa White Form New Partnership As for the Win Farms

Brock Clermont

Alexa White of ARose Farms and Brock Clermont of Clermark Equestrian join forces as part of a new partnership, establishing For The Win Farms at Angelstone Tournaments.

Head trainer and general manager of Clermark Equestrian, Inc., Brock Clermont have recently announced news of an all-new partnership with ARose Farms, LLC’s Alexa White as For The Win Farms, based at Angelstone Tournaments. An Ontario native and a veteran of the professional equestrian world in Canada, the United States, and overseas, Clermont provides a closer look at the arrangement.

“We’ll be training at the newest and most modern show facility in eastern Canada,” explains Clermont. The pair, he says, will be taking on new hunter, jumper, and equitation customers, in addition to working with existing clientele, including adults, teenagers, and younger children.

Brock ClermontBrock Clermont’s Clermark Equestrian, Inc. specializes in the training of students and horses for the hunter, jumper, and equitation in ‘A’ circuit and international competitions. “We take an all-inclusive approach to the training and care of our clients and horses,” adds Clermont, head trainer and co-founder of the organization.

ARose Farms, LLC, meanwhile, prides itself on providing premium care for both horse and rider, catering to the specific turn-out needs of individual clients and their horses.

Clermont and White’s new partnership as For The Win Farms will see the duo establish operations at Angelstone Tournaments. The venue is located in the village of Rockwood, Ontario, less than a 30-minute drive northwest of Toronto’s Pearson Airport.

Further to being the base for For The Win Farms, Angelstone Tournaments has also been selected to host the Young Horse Championships, the CET Regional Medal and Mini-Medal finals, and an FEI World Cup Qualifier during international week.

“Angelstone Tournaments is famed for its world-class show jumping and family entertainment, all season long,” says Clermont, “as well as for its hospitality, including its luxurious VIP pavilion, ringside boxes, and the Cabana Coast Lounge.”

Since its inaugural year in 2010, Angelstone Tournaments has, under CEO Keean White, grown to become something special in the equestrian community. It has, according to Clermont, become a place to get away from the city, a place for families, and a place to take in tremendous sport.

“With For The Win Farms now based at the venue, Alexa and myself will be providing what we call extraordinary horses for extraordinary people,” Brock Clermont adds, wrapping up.

For more information about For The Win Farms, call 310-612-9483 or visit

Brock Clermont - Equitation

Brock Clermont Discusses Equitation

Finding the perfect trainer for equitation riding can be difficult. Brock Clermont discusses various riding styles.

Brock ClermontWith decades of experience in training, riding and grooming horses, Brock Clermont offers his expertise year-round, by coaching and training riders in equitation riding.

Equitation is the art or practice of horse riding or horsemanship. More specifically, equitation can refer to a rider’s position while mounted on the horse and can encompass the rider’s ability to ride correctly and with effective aids.

In various horse show competitions, the riders, not the horse are evaluated. Various classes and styles may go by different names and titles depending on the region they are in, including equitation classes.

Brock ClermontThe criteria for judging may include the rider’s performance, their control of the horse, the proper use of riding aids, correct attire, form, rider poise and cleanliness of the horse are all taken into consideration.

“Great riders are always in balance with their horse”, explained Brock Clermont. “When trained correctly, a rider maintains the correct position, movement and always has control over their horse with nearly invisible aids.”

One equitation style is the hunt seat style of riding. Hunt seat is a style of forward-seat riding, found most commonly in North American horse shows. This is one of the classic forms of English horse riding. Competitions in North America include flat and over fences which judge the horse’s movement and form.

Brock ClermontAnother common equitation style is Saddle Seat, a uniquely American form of riding that grew out of a style used on Southern plantations with European influences as well.

“Western equitation is another style, and is sometimes called western horsemanship, stock seat equitation, or reining seat equitation,” explained Brock Clermont. “These competitions are judged at the walk, jog, and lope in both directions.”

A relatively new equitation class is Dressage seat, offered at dressage shows. In this competition, the horses gaits are not judged, rather it is the rider who is evaluated, including several tires in the ring at once.

Finding a trainer can be a difficult task, which is why Brock Clermont and his team started Clermark Equestrian, to help riders everywhere find the best possible trainer and become the best rider they can be.

To learn more about Brock Clermont and Clermark Equestrian, click here.

Brock Clermont Offers Advice to Young Riders

For decades, Brock Clermont has been one of the most acclaimed equestrian riders in the world. He offers tips on how to enter the world of riding and more.


Brock Clermont 5
Brock Clermont

“The first thing I tell people that are seriously considering getting into riding is that riding is a lifestyle, not just a sport, explained Brock Clermont, founder of Clermark Equestrian. “You have to be willing to commit to riding with everything you’ve got.”

The first step to breaking into the sport is finding an apprentice. You need to have someone who is willing to work with you day in, and day out. There are no shortcuts in equestrian riding, but there is a lot of support if you are willing to look and put in the time. Any relationship with a good trainer will go along way. It will offer you a great education, and with the right attitude and work ethic, you can find yourself in a position to learn from some of the best. 

Look for trainers that you have a great deal of admiration for, trainers whom you think you can learn from and approach them to see if they would be willing to take on any new trainees. In some instances, you can find yourself a relationship where you can get a future job, or a long-term training relationship. The best riders in the world all agree that starting off by working with an expert trainer is the best way to prepare for your career in riding.

Brock Clermont also reminds young riders how important it is to have proper expectations before beginning training. Riding will be a small part of your path to becoming a great rider, and having an open attitude to do whatever work is necessary will go a long way.

Brock Clermont also encourages riders that understanding the path they want to go down sooner rather than later, is a big advantage. Some riders will start planning to go pro while they are very young, and this can help riders chart paths to go professional earlier on.

“Financing can be an often difficult hurdle to overcome and one that people overlook,” explained Brock Clermont. “Don’t ignore how important proper budgeting is to this sport, and don’t let it stop you from chasing your dreams. There will always be people out there willing to support you in any way possible to make your riding dreams a reality.”

Brock Clermont has traveled the world training the very best in equestrian riding and is always available to work with those young riders that want to have a future in the sport. 

Brock Clermont - The Art of Riding

Brock Clermont & The Art of Riding

For decades, Brock Clermont has Specialized in the training of students and horses for hunter, jumper, and equitation competition and offers tips on becoming a world class rider.


Brock Clermont 6
Brock Clermont

Equitation is the art of horse riding and horsemanship that Brock Clermont has been participating in his whole life. More specifically, equitation can refer to a rider and their position while mounted, also it can encompass a rider and their ability to ride correctly. Equitation may also refer to different classes or styles of riding as well.

What makes Brock Clermont and his teams approach to training so unique, is the fact that they train both the horse and rider providing a holistic experience.

Brock Clermont often tells his students to start early with training. “This sport takes years and years of practice, explained Brock Clermont. “That practice pays off when you consistently focus on learning how to get better.”

It’s important to practice all year, keeping races and shows in mind as a reminder as to why you are training so hard. You can never start preparing too early. This is a sport that will take up the majority of your life and also provide the most fulfilling reward when you put your heart into equitation riding.

Brock Clermont also reminds his students to remain consistent in riding styles. Changes at the last minute can lead to injury or soreness, while consistency in things like leg strengthening, shoulder straightening, will pay dividends in your future by starting those consistent practices now. Consistency is the key to competing in this sport. Both humans and horses work best with a routine that is practiced and worked on over time.

Brock Clermont reminds all of his students to only focus on themselves and do not compare their riding to others. This sport is about focusing on yourself and on your horse, and setting high standards and goals to improve on a daily basis. It’s hard to not compare yourself, but it’s the best way to succeed in this sport.

One of Brock Clermont’s main tips is to enjoy yourself as well. Sometimes it can be a year of preparation for an event, and hundreds of hours of practice, and if you want to have longevity in riding, you have to take it seriously and also be able to have fun. Enjoy every minute because it truly is one of the most beautiful sports in the world, and it will provide you with experiences you will never forget.

Brock Clermont continues to ride and teach, traveling around the world.

Brock Clermont - Legacy of Show Jumping

Brock Clermont Continues the Legacy of Show Jumping

Brock ClermontWith a focus on purchasing and training some of the finest horses in the world, Brock Clermont has the privilege of training riders and teaching them show jumping.

Show jumping, commonly known as stadium jumping, is an English riding equestrian event that incorporates dressage, eventing, hunters, and equitation. The classes of jumping are most famously seen on the Olympic stage.

Fairly new in the world of riding, this sport gained prominence in the 18th century, when there was a great need for the horses to be able to jump over obstacles during various activities. Having roots in France, the competition for show jumping was born but not without its challenges.

This sport of show jumping was heavily influenced by the Spanish, French, and Italian equestrians. Italian instructor Captain Federico Caprilli heavily influenced the world of jumping through his ideas and feedback on the positions of each rider and the style of stirrups.

“Through promoting a style of rider that was in a forward position, Federico realized that this style would not interfere with the balance of the horse while jumping,” explained Brock Clermont. “The forward seat style is still commonly used today.”

As the sport progressed, England held its first show jumping competition at Olympia in 1907. During this competition, it became quite clear that there needed to be greater uniformity and a more clear outline of the rules for show jumping. 1907 was a turning point for the sport in providing direction and stability. With emphasis placed on imagination, the spectators, and uniformity the BSJA was formed in 1925. Just a short time earlier, the United States in 1917 formed the American Horse Shows Association, which is known today as the United States Equestrian Federation.

Having competed himself at the highest level, Brock Clermont understands the significance of show jumping becoming an Olympic sport, with the earliest form appearing in 1900 and later, as a more refined sport in 1912 where show jumping has continued to rise in popularity around the world, namely because the spectators enjoy the riders and different styles of show jumping that have grown in style based on the different parts of the world.

While show jumping has taken many different forms, today it is a vital sport that Brock Clermont continues to teach and train on to this day. To learn more about show jumping and Brock Clermont, click here.

Brock Clermont - Fuels His Legacy

Brock Clermont Fuels His Legacy

Located amid a serene country setting in beautiful Limburg County, Netherlands, Brock Clermont trains horses and riders to be the very best.

Brock Clermont“The goal of Clermark Equestrian is to provide the highest level of care for our horses,” explained Brock Clermont, head trainer, and owner of Clermark Equestrian LLP. The horses and riders develop at the highest possible rate. We train the very best.”

At Clermark Equestrian, Brock Clermont specializes in purchasing and training the very best horses in the world, along with their riders. They eventually go on to compete for a jumper, equitation, and hunter competition in “A” circuit and International competition.

Brock Clermont’s decades-long career in riding started at his family’s stable in Ontario. When Brock Clermont was just 17, he trained under Canadian veteran Hugh Graham and later went on to tutor under the great Canadian Olympic rider John Pearce at Forest View farms. Going professional at the age of 18, Brock Clermont became an assistant pro at Forest View Farms, training the horses and teaching the clients for nearly half a decade. Brock continued his training with renowned coach George Morris while traveling to Europe where he rode for Paul Schockomoele stables and later took a high-level position through world champion rider Peter Pletcher in Texas for a year.

In 2007 Brock Clermont and his family decided to purchase and design Clermark Equestrian LLP in Bradenton, Florida. A lifelong dream, as head trainer and general manager Brock helped Clermark Equestrian LLP become the finest facility in the area through which hundreds of students and clients were trained and showed competitively throughout the United States under Brock and his staff. In 2013 Brock Clermont began coaching the internationally acclaimed Olympic rider, Liubov Kochetova. In 2014, after competing extensively in the Wellington Florida winter circuit, Clermark Equestrian LLP moved its operations to Wellington for the winter season and Guelph, Ontario, Canada for the summer to accommodate Brock and his current training and business schedule with his horses and clients.

Brock Clermont has trained hundreds of riders young and old, from the beginner level to the pros and the ranks to their desired goals and further over the years since turning professional at 18. His unbridled passion and desire to take care of each horse and trainer alike, Brock Clermont is on a mission to help everyone around him become the very best rider they can be.

To learn more about Brock Clermont and the legacy he continues to build, connect with him by clicking here.